CAL 4240

Duplex l 3 Bedrooms | 2 1/2 Baths | Garage
2361 sq.ft / per unit


Introducing CAL 2361, contemporary 2-storey duplex, single building with gross area of 4240 sq.ft.  One unit is a complete living space with dimension of 20′ x 53′ having a net area of 2120 sq.ft.

Each unit’s ground floor features a 16’x21’ car garage, conveniently adjacent to a powder room and a well-appointed straight kitchen style area with a pantry and kitchen island. The entrance door leads to stairs ascending to the second floor, passing by a small semi-private study area and living area. A dining room, seamlessly accessible to an inviting patio.

Ascending to the second floor, a family living area and laundry room. Two bedrooms, each measuring 14’x10’, share a bathroom and are complemented by their own closet rooms. The 10’x16’ master bedroom boasts luxury with a private bathroom, walk-in closet, and a balcony.

The interior is painted in white on both ceilings and walls to exude a sense of brightness and spaciousness. The ground floor is adorned with granite-styled stone flooring, while the second floor showcases wood floor tile panels, adding warmth to the living spaces. 

Externally, Charlotte is a visual delight with wood, black, and white exterior finishes and added a touch of cement gray stucco design that enhances its modern aesthetic. The skillion and lean-to roof types add architectural interest, creating a distinctive living space where functionality meets elegance.



Walls: 2” x 6” Light gauge frame, standard 16” OC with fiberglass insulation (R19 exterior) (R11 interior)

Floor: 2” x 8” Light gauge frame, standard 16” OC with ¾” OSB/plywood sub-floor sheathing with fiberglass insulation (R19)

Ceiling: 2” x 8” Light gauge frame, standard 16” OC with fiberglass insulation (R30)

Roof: 2” x 6” Light gauge frame truss with ½” OSB/plywood sheathing

Walls: 2” x 6” light guage steel (LGS) frame, standard 16” OC with choice of mineral wool or spray foam insulation (R19 exterior) (R11 interior)

Floor: 2” x 8” light gauge steel (LGS) frame, standard 16” OC, 3/4″ OSB/plywood sub-floor sheathing with choice of mineral wool or spray foam insulation (R19)

Ceiling: 2” x 8” light gauge steel (LGS) frame, standard 16” OC, with choice of mineral wool or spray foam insulation (R19)

Roof: 2″ x 6″ light gauge steel (LGS) truss with 1/2″ OSB/plywood sheathing


  • Split system HVAC
  • Split or central dual ducted HVAC system


  • LED lighting where indicated
  • Standard receptacles and switches
  • 120VAC throughout
  • LED lighting where indicated
  • Upgraded receptacles and switches as per client’s choice
  • 120VAC throughout


  • PEX throughout
  • Copper throughout




Wall / Ceiling

Interior: ½” gypsum drywall with level three textured plaster, rough coat finish, painted with choice of color.

Exterior: ½” OSB/plywood backing with fiber cement board, painted with choice of color or style

Interior:  5/8” gypsum drywall or board with choice of smooth plaster finish or other wall covering.

Exterior: ¾” plywood sheathing with smooth plaster finish or upgraded choice of siding


  • Vinyl / Laminate Plank Tile, choice of color/style
  • Hardwood, tile, or carpet with choice of colors and style


  • 30 Year Asphalt Shingle, choice of standard color
  • Choice of standing seam or tile with color option

Windows / Sliders

  • Dual pane, white vinyl / fiber glass frame.
  • -Triple pane aluminum frame with choice of color


Interior: Hollow-core wood, painted to match walls

Exterior: Solid-core, painted to match exterior/interior (if plans specify exterior door)

Interior: Solid-core wood, painted with choice of color

Exterior: Solid-core wood/steel, optional over-sized and choice of color


  • Factory-direct, color to match walls
  • Custom-designed to client specifications


  • “American Standard” or equivalent (subject to availability)
  • “Kohler” or other choice of upgraded fixtures per client’s choice


Not included in Standard Package

Client’s choice of appliance packages


Printable Floor Plan

3 Bedrooms | 2 1/2 Baths | 2,120 sq ft / per Unit

A Sustainable,
Eco-Friendly Home

During the construction process, our prefab homes generate about 80% less waste then standard site built homes.  A controlled factory setting allows us to use construction materials in a more efficient manner.  In addition, waste and poor workmanship caused by weather is eliminated.  The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) states,  “There are tremendous benefits to building parts of the home in a controlled facility, materials are protected from the weather and used in a more efficient manner.”

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