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Multi-family units or boutique hotels, California Modulars works with high-end architects, developers and designers to deliver high quality commercial structures.​

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California Modulars is a State of California Housing & Community Development (HCD) certified manufacturer of the highest quality, modular homes, auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs) and commercial buildings available.  We are also a full-service, licensed general contractor, family owned and operated.  We always provide our customers with the ultimate experience in design options, project management and turn-key solutions.

As with our prefab homes, California Modulars commercial structures are eligible for LEED certification. Rather than a traditional, on-site approach to construction, California Modulars takes a more cost-effective and sustainable route, which has benefits for both you and the environment. Less construction waste, site impact, and reduced risk of material exposure to the elements means streamlined, efficient, on-schedule construction that takes months rather than years.

California Modulars Prefab has the team in place to build and execute office, retail, institutional, hospitality, and multi-family projects. We have partnered with a number of large commercial contractors on projects currently in process and can do so in many locations throughout the U.S.

Modular Construction Methodology

Modular buildings are constructed off-site in a controlled factory environment, which allows for faster construction times. This is because modules can be built simultaneously while site preparation is underway. Modular buildings can be completed up to 50% faster than traditional buildings.

Quality: Modular buildings are constructed to the same building codes and standards as traditional buildings. However, the factory-controlled environment allows for greater quality control and consistency.

Cost: Modular buildings can be more cost-effective than traditional buildings, especially for large and complex projects.  Modular construction is not directly subject to prevailing wage and project labor agreements since most work is completed in-factory.  

Sustainability: Fabrication in a factory environment is more efficient and less wasteful resulting in a more sustainable construction project rather than traditional site-built construction.

Reduced site disruption: Modular buildings are typically transported to the construction site and assembled on-site, which minimizes disruption to the surrounding area.

Improved safety: Modular construction is generally safer than traditional construction because it takes place in a controlled factory environment.

Increased predictability: Modular construction projects are typically more predictable than traditional construction projects because the factory-controlled environment allows for greater control over the construction process.

Overall, modular construction methodology offers a number of advantages over traditional construction methods. It is faster, more cost-effective, more sustainable, and more flexible.



From retreats, hotels, and classrooms to functional, modern office spaces, we can ensure your commercial interests have room to grow. California Modulars provides infinitely scalable options with unmatched flexibility, a cost-effective process, and a speedy turnaround. Whether it’s a low-impact outbuilding to help your retail business blossom or a ground-up custom installation, California Modulars Prefab offers custom answers at competitive prices.

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